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Phasor Measurement Unit | PMU


PMU | Power Management Unit 

Power Management Units (PMUs) are of great relevance in modern IC design. Energy efficiency is a requirement in order to increase battery lifetime as well as thermal efficiency and size reduction.

A basic PMU may include one or more instances of voltage/current references, oscillators, LDO (Low-Drop-Out
) regulators, DC-DC converters (step-up, step-down) and power monitors (Power-On Reset, Low-Voltage Detector, High-Voltage Detector). Depending on the complexity, a PMU may include some digital circuitry, an FSM (Finite State Machine), to take control and ensure proper power-up and power-down sequences.

RFIDO DESIGN has designed ALWAYS-ON PMU for IoT transceivers with very
low power consumption on the order of 300nW as well as run mode PMUs including DC-DC converters and LDOs with current capability up to 5A and high input voltage up to 30V.

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