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Custom RFID Antenna Design

Custom Antenna Design

Custom Antenna Design

RFID Antenna Customization

Design and optimization for superior performance

RFID tags are part of our everyday life in the identification, logistics and access control domains. RFIDO DESIGN will help you to have the best RFID tags designing custom antennas for your application. Moreover, we also design antennas for RFID readers.

RFIDO DESIGN team starts working with our customers at the conception stage of their products, so that the best antenna for the application is chosen considering the constraints of volume/area available for the product, boundary conditions, performance and cost.

When best performance and high volume are required Custom antenna design is the only feasible and cost-effective solution. As an example, custom PCB antennas are usually:

  • Integrated in the main board and/or inside the product case;

  • Low-cost;

  • Have low variability;

  • Lightweight;

  • Reduces automatic/manual assembling steps;

  • Will lead to best performance considering the application environment.  

RFIDO DESIGN has designed flexible and rigid antennas for a wide range of applications as well as including antenna arrays. We are focused on providing best performance and easy to manufacture antenna solutions

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