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RFIDO DESIGN is located in Belo Horizonte, the bustling Minas Gerais capital, in the southeast region in Brazil. 

Belo Horizonte is famous for its surrounding mountains, the art and cultural life, the countless bars and restaurants and, of course, the hospitality of Mineiro people.

BH, for short, is also known for being a technology hub concentrating national and multi-national tech companies. Moreover, BH holds an entrepreneurship ecosystem well developed and outstanding. UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) and CEFET-MG (Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais) play a key role in this entrepreneurship ecosystem by fostering the creation of startups and attracting new companies by providing high level and talented students.

All these things create a positive atmosphere for technology development and innovation. Thus, RFIDO DESIGN is in the right place to provide IC design, RF and product development services. 



RFIDO DESIGN is a Brazilian Design House providing consulting and design services in Integrated Circuits and RF. In the IC domain, our team is composed by a mix between experienced and young talented engineers able to provide to our customers custom solution in analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal IC.

We have a strong background in low-power, low-voltage circuits, energy harvesting, RFID (LF, HF/NFC and UHF), RF transceivers as well as security monitors for secured applications and layout.

Additionally, RFIDO DESIGN provides Analog and Digital Layout services.



IC design is a complex and expensive activity with cycle times from 18 up to 24, 36 months depending on the complexity of the design. It requires specific design tools and human-resources well trained to execute the design and validation steps. It is worth it to mention, manufacturing time can take from 40 days up to 3 months. Thus, getting it done first time right is the target because re-spins can take up to 6 months to get the IC back to the validation bench. 

In order to be successful in transforming an idea to a silicon IC working as expected, besides a highly skilled and experienced design team, it is mandatory to create design flow and methodologies for analog, digital and mixed-signal IC design. Also, creating best practices design guidelines in order to increase team's efficiency and to avoid repeating mistakes from the past. Design flow, methodologies and guidelines should be reviewed, updated regularly and the most important: it must be strictly followed.

Our design flow, methodologies and guidelines are already in place and they are updated/adapted continuously according to customer demands, new projects, design tools and manufacturing processes.


RFIDO DESIGN uses bug tracking management and version control tools in order to ensure design consistency and the ability to track previous milestones.

Our high skilled and creative team has patents filed in Brazil and abroad from power management circuits to secure monitors and sensors.

Finally, RFIDO DESIGN treats confidentiality at higher priority and we are up to date with the best security practices.    

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